Corporate Identity


To huge extent, perception of your business depends on cohesive corporate identity. Remember that even the best product requires an interesting and professional setting.

Corporate Identity is a collection of diversified elements such as graphic symbols, colors, and even specific behaviors, which forms a coherent identity that makes your business stand out of its competitors.


We will assist you at every stage of cohesive business image building.

We will help you choose the name, colors and decoration of the office as well as uniforms; we will design a logo, office supplies and promotional materials; we will write texts for your website, and will invent advertising slogans.

We will take care of your business or brand image comprehensively in terms of graphics.

We can provide you with the following identification elements:

  • selection of colors
  • font
  • symbols
  • graphics
  • logo/ logotype (plus Corporate Identity Manual)
  • business card
  • company paper and envelopes
  • designs of advertising materials
  • designs of product packages
  • designs of display stands
  • advertising texts and slogans
  • and many other designs

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