Logo and Logotype Designs



Logotype – a signage presented in the form of text for which the appropriate typeface and colors are selected.

Symbol – a graphic element associated with a logotype and comprising an integral part of a logo.

Logo – is just the presentation of a logotype together with a graphic element which we call a symbol.


Recently, due to progress and development of graphics programs and skillful designing by professional art editors, differences between a logotype and a logo become more and more blurred. Types and typefaces of logotypes are already almost graphic devices and no typical graphic elements are required to present them.


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Unique and professional designs of corporate and brand marks – logo, logotypes, symbols. Designs are accommodated to individual requirements of businesses and to customer’s line of business.

All designs are developed based on suggestions and expectations of our customers and we are the one who are expected to provide an expert advise and innovative ideas at every stage of our cooperation and a design development process.



Often the existent logo does not reflect the line of business in which your company or brand is active. It is not designed professionally in terms of form, colors, and message that are to be associated with it or it simply has to be redesigned due to development of business and brands.

Our offer includes REDESIGNING of the existent logo of yours, so it could satisfy all requirements and criteria of yours, your business, and market. We will prepare and develop a detail plan of logo redesign. We will present our proposals, and will accommodate corporate identity to a new logo or logotype.


  1. Prepare as many useable pieces of information about your business or brand, for which a logo is to be designed, as possible.
  2. Describe your suggestions, colors, and forms.
  3. If you have any drawing or an artwork, just attach it to your e-mail message.
  4. Send a message by e-mail or just contact us by phone.
  5. We will analyze the pieces of information having been gathered and will answer to your questions in detail.
  6. If you make up your mind, we will provide and expert guidance to you step by step through all stages of an implementation process.


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